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Red Riding Hood in Infographics


An Oldie but a Goodie. Tomas Nilsson revisits Red Riding Hood in the style of Royksopp’s Remind Me.


Creating StoryWorlds – Spielberg and Lucas


A very interesting article on the creative process of the two biggest names in Hollywood. How do you create a legend? Click the pic to find out…

Indiana Smith and Columbo's Coat

Easy and free large transfers


For those who haven’t come across it before – WeTransfer is a fantastic free tool for transferring large files (up to 2gig) quickly and easily. Once the Matrix is proved real, I shall probably upload myself with it.

There is no registration, and files are available for 2 weeks.


Transmedia Hollywood 2011 Conference


The Great Bearded One – Henry Jenkins – has uploaded the delayed videos from the Transmedia Hollywood conference 2011. The event looks at everything which will be shaping Hollywood over the next 12 months. Go there now!

Where it all goes down.....



Channel 4 do their bit to raise political awareness among the younger demographic

You're already involved.


Shoot the Bear – Tippex


Liquid Paper as we called it way back in the 1980′s. Up there with marker pens as the mind altering substance of choice for the ‘hardo’s’ of British secondary schools. Tippex throws some money at an ancient art and hopes our collective memories have been rotted away by sniffing their products. This may have been done many times before, but its still a good solid example of the art of YouTube page hijacking.

Buy mind altering corrective fluid kids, and we'll kill a real bear!

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