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WordLens – Augmented Reality Translation


Augmented reality is technology posing as a toy while waiting for time to catch up. Wordlens is a fantastic use, which translates text in realtime. If – like me – you love languages, this could be a seen as a step back, but I prefer to think of it as a supplemental addition to the enthusiastic linguist.

Learning by looking

Examples of early stage UI Wireframes


When building any concept – the most important tool is a pencil in my opinion. This is a fantastic space where we get to see some sites in their initial stages. This gives a rare insight in to process, development and thinking on a wide variety of websites. There are some really great insights here worth looking over before beginning any project.

The pencil is mightier than the sword. If you tie it to an angry shark.

Transmedia Resources


A huge ugly bag of greatness for creating transmedia.


Transmedia tools

And more from the ready-think-do-tankĀ here

Easy and free large transfers


For those who haven’t come across it before – WeTransfer is a fantastic free tool for transferring large files (up to 2gig) quickly and easily. Once the Matrix is proved real, I shall probably upload myself with it.

There is no registration, and files are available for 2 weeks.


Cacoo Wireframing Tool


Cacoo is a great free wireframing tool which includes some fantastic drawing functionality to allow you to make site maps and more, but its greatest selling point is the ability to work on designs collaboratively with other users at the same time regardless of geographical location using the chat function. Go Creativity!!!


Make wonderful collaborative wireframes from anywhere in the world.

Wireframing Tools


Looking for wireframing tools? Try



it draws boxes and other stuff!

or Mockingbird


...and so does this one!

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GML – Graffiti Markup Language


THIS is what happens when graffiti artists pop round for tea and biscuits at the stately mansion of some computer hackers.

GML is an XML based open source language used to track, capture and record graffiti movement.

GML may fit into the bracket of post-grafitti, but this fantastic video shows what has and is being done in the field.

Driving a school bus full of youthful, innocent, excited ‘arts’ at high speed into an abandoned mineshaft and needle exchange packed to the brim with highly volatile and unstable ‘tech’, can only end in a 300 foot, mechanised fire breathing lizard of fun in a top-hat and monocle. And you can quote me on that.

G.M.L. = Graffiti Markup Language (Overview) from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Free UX Design Tools


Everyone loves UXD and everyone loves free stuff – If only we could marry the two???

Those lovely folk at UX For The Masses – who’s tag line ‘because it ain’t bleedin’ rocket science’ is possibly the best ever made – have pulled together a list of 25 free UX tools. Just for you.

Balsamiq - one of 25 free UX tools sourced by UX for the Masses

25 free UXD Tools

Tools for User Journeys – Wireframes Magazine


Wireframes Magazine is just great, and here is an interesting repository of thoughts on user journeys, as well as tools for making them