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Connected Robot speaks in Parliament


Giant killer robots, pens and politics – What’s not to like?

In an innovative attempt to address political disengagement among the youth, this project sees a writing robot connected to a web portal which will scribe the exact issues concerning the target audience, word by word inside the Houses of Parliament, to ensure every voice is heard.


Youth says: Give us more oil. And chainsaw attachments...

3d Without Hardware (…sort of)


Think 3d is just a conspiracy between James Cameron and the platform makers to render all those lovely flatscreen TV’s you bought last year defunct for 2012?

Then here is the solution for you. Simply go crosseyed and laugh in the face of your early adopter friends as they realise along with you that – well – 3d isn’t actually that good, and in no way is a replacement for good story.

Avatar, please spend some of those billions and go and see Toy Story 3. In 2d. Buy yourself some popcorn to cry into you soulless monster.

Working in the same manner as stereograms, this quick video does what it says. ‘IT’S A SAILBOAT WILLEM!!!!!!’

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Make: Magazine


Makers will rule the world. Grass roots level creation is an answer to many specific and hyper local problems, with Makers pooling experience and ability to create solutions to issues we never even knew we had.

Make: magazine is a meeting place for like minded creators of cool stuff and every issue is stuffed beyond its pages with astounding projects from 5 minutes to 5 months covering everything from Arduino to 3d printing to projects for and with kids. So far this year I have made a rocket, a smoke machine and a digital lathe, and there is enough in every issue to take a teenager to retirement.

In it’s physical form, Make: is a US based compact magazine – but subscription also gets you access to the digital version too. Subscriptions can be delivered worldwide, and are worth every penny.

What Jason Borne, MacGuiver and Batman have on the coffee table


Black Lodge Research


I love technology. I love research. And I love really, really cool stuff. The place where I stick all this junk happens to be called BlackLodge. It appears I have an evil twin who has been doing this for much longer in the land of the free.

Black Lodge Research is a Washington based hackerspace and meeting point for people who are interested in alternative uses for modern technology. Go there and learn something today – from Wiimote Whiteboard to vacuum forming tables. Support the Lodge and the Maker Technology ethic.

Black Lodge Research

What a great name.

Quantum TV


Now I’m no quantum physicist but…..

Article Dan Blog has some interesting thoughts on TV. I just don’t understand them.

Some scientist from the future - earlier today.

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