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WordLens – Augmented Reality Translation


Augmented reality is technology posing as a toy while waiting for time to catch up. Wordlens is a fantastic use, which translates text in realtime. If – like me – you love languages, this could be a seen as a step back, but I prefer to think of it as a supplemental addition to the enthusiastic linguist.

Learning by looking

Tesco uses QR and online innovation in Korea


It has been my great pleasure to work with, and become friends with a number of Korean people mainly through working in the mobile sector, and I am never less than astounded by their work ethic and commitment to their employers. On both counts they seem to leave the west standing, but whether this is a good or bad thing is up to the individual to decide.

Never the less, acknowledging this and understanding their customers at a local level has seen evilcorp Tesco find the spaces between current consumer habits. It seems very simple in hind sight but getting the infrastructure in place has been the key to this success.

We have some dalliance with QR code shopping in the west, but for some reason we put value and worth on walking up and down endless isles of our monuments to consumerism – even turning it into a family experience.

Luckily wherever there is a rotting corpse of broken society lying in the gutter, the carrion of fast food is likely to follow. Thanks MacDonalds and ASDA/Wallmart. You make a lovely cynical couple. Rant ends.

Tesco bring virtual shops to the subway, turning passing time into spending time.
Thanks to Lester Francois – our eyes on the ground, and first guy everywhere.


IPhone Mockup tool


If you spend as much time as I do discussing App design with folk – this is an absolute godsend. The Wonderful Adam Cassel from Crossoverlabs brought this to my attention and I worship nightly at a shrine to him because of it.
Absolutely. Smashing.

Drag and drop interface, pencil or outline style to fit different stages of development or clients and so quick to use.

It explains how your app works! In seconds.