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FlashMob Gone Wrong… Tom Scott


Technologist and humorist Tom ScottĀ gives an insight into the power of words and actions and what can happen when you add unregulated social connections at Ignite. Ignite is an event of 1 speaker with any topic, 5 minutes, 20 slides and the slides rotating every 15 seconds automatically around the world.

The mantra is ‘enlighten us – but make it quick’

Know your Meme


Waaaaassssaaaaaapppppp!!!!!! Memes are almost as old as the internet. Everyone knows a meme, but they may not know its a meme, what a meme actually means or how it becomes one.

A fantastic resource for logging and recording meme’s is Know Your Meme – a one stop shop of all things meme-like with a database of everything you will never need to know.

From Hipster Ariel to Internet Cat obsession the wonderful team at The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies have it all.

Be there – or All Your Base Are Belong To Us….

Rocketboom - The Architects of Memeology

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