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40 Useful and Creative Infographics


Using infographics just for the sake of it is like writing a book if you have nothing to say. The graphics must get across something of worth and usually find a way of transferring a significant volume of information in a concise manner that is more useful than plain text. The real skill of the journalist is to define what from the story requires infographics and how this should be done. Too many times the graphics are slapped on with little thought for why or how they are useful.
Here are some great examples that do both of the above at the fantastic Six Revisions website.

Six Revisions - for web developers and designers

ReadyMade Magazine


If Make: magazine is The Hulk, ReadyMade is WonderWoman. For every lump hammer smashing, panel beating, nitrous oxide powered microscope, there is a floral patterned, lilac fragranced, gingham occasional table just waiting to happen. Where this echo in the space time continuum exists – maintaining balance within the maker world – is ReadyMade magazine.

Make: is where my ‘man’ projects exist, requiring solder, hammers and explosives. It’s where I get to live out my Batman style creations, routing raw materials to within an inch of destruction to bend them to my will. ReadyMade is is where my Bruce Wayne creations arise, using scissors, lacquer, and sandpaper to make items of beauty rather than raw power.

From how to make cocktails and the perfect pancakes through to Eames style furniture, bath bombs and soap – ReadyMade is the perfect way to spend a weekend creating things to show people how sensitive you are, and ideal for beautifying your home or making with children.

It is the perfect companion to Make: which is where I go to add solar panels to the toaster and a laser projector to the car.

Make everything better and more beautiful. NOW!


Make: Magazine


Makers will rule the world. Grass roots level creation is an answer to many specific and hyper local problems, with Makers pooling experience and ability to create solutions to issues we never even knew we had.

Make: magazine is a meeting place for like minded creators of cool stuff and every issue is stuffed beyond its pages with astounding projects from 5 minutes to 5 months covering everything from Arduino to 3d printing to projects for and with kids. So far this year I have made a rocket, a smoke machine and a digital lathe, and there is enough in every issue to take a teenager to retirement.

In it’s physical form, Make: is a US based compact magazine – but subscription also gets you access to the digital version too. Subscriptions can be delivered worldwide, and are worth every penny.

What Jason Borne, MacGuiver and Batman have on the coffee table


Budget Hero


I for one am pretty sure I could single handedly run the American financial system – on my own and at lunchtimes – better than congress. Having always known this and yet unable to convince the Whitehouse to let me try, I was overjoyed when I found this fantastic interactive piece of journalism which uses game dynamics to explain how the budgeting of the American government works.

A great educating experience which deals with a huge amount of complex information and converts it into an easy to understand series of actions, which are actually fantastic fun to play with and explain some very sophisticated themes.

Solve the US financial crisis while pretending to play minesweeper.

MacDonald’s Video Game


Hmmm…. What to do first? Turn children into obese fanatical walking heart attacks or flatten the Amazonian rain forest and ram it with diseased wildstock? These and more fun questions facing players in the fast-food video game by Molleindustra.

Carcenogenic disk with coronary thrombosis to follow. Have a nice day now!

Cutthroat Capitalism : The Game


When deciding a career path, many young financial enthusiasts upon leaving Oxbridge are faced with two choices. Do they follow the family line into the city, or take the more respected career choice of Somali Pirate.

Wired magazine have taken pity on these poor confused youths, and in an attempt to stop them making a devastating mistake which could ruin their lives, have created ‘Cutthroat Capitalism : The Game’ to try an expose them to the more ethical choice.

This fantastic interactive experience uses game themes to explain how and why the pirating trade works, and does it brilliantly, while educating about a serious issue. An excellent example of interactive journalism.

I do not acknowledge any pirate who presents themselves without an eyepatch/parrot combo.

Molleindustria – Serious about Games


Catching on to a slogan which came out of the WTO demonstrations in Seattle ‘Don’t hate the media – become the media’, the team at Molleindustria decided to take their content back and by releasing games form the ‘dictatorship of entertainment’ they use them instead to address serious social and political issues in a manner unlike any other.

Molleindustria are an Italian group of artists, designers and programmers aiming to start a serious discussion about the social and political implications of video games.

All content is fantastic from McDonald’s video game through to Oil-igarchy- there is enough content here to start a thousand discussions. With a fight.

Vive la Revolution!!!!