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PETA goes games and gives Mario a kicking


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have jumped on the games band wagon to pick on children over a video game that sees Mario (a collection of pixels) wear a virtual romper suit named after a non-existent animal.

PETA - change your PR team NOW!

Come on PETA – I appreciate what you stand for but what is the point in this? Are you trying to get kids on side? I don’t think this is the way to do it. The games are pretty good, why not be more positive instead of investing in games and decrying them in the same breath? Absolutely bizarre marketing ploy, like making TV ads highlighting the evils of watching too much television.

Why not just go and steal some children’s candy and then lecture them on the importance of brushing. You sicko’s.

Pick on someone in your own tax bracket, and stop the Holier than thou attitude. ITS A GAME FOR KIDS, not a countryside hunt.

I admit I like anyone drawing attention to indie games dev’s, but wagging a finger at Super Meat Boy, with this lame tofu rip-off, just stinks of cheap column inches. It’s cynical and only serves to highlight how much power meat has and how weak and feeble veganism is. I’m turning my back on years of vegetarianism and i’m off to lick a cow. You did that PETA. You did that….you sicken me.

Evil Super Tofu Boy


Alternate Reality Games – The Future according to GameSpot


Games site GameSpot gives a guide to ARG’s from Advertising to artforms.

participatory advertising and ARG.

Ten games that make you think about life


Thanks to Casual Girl Gamer for a fantastic top 10 of games designed to provoke and emotional response. Clickpic.

“Games might not yet be recognized as art but they are increasingly being used to explore the kind of deep themes that were previously the preserve of artists and philosophers.”

Girls make the best gamers.....

The Company P – Dollplay


The Company P are the kings of transmedia experience, and have managed to formulate a reproducible pipeline for the process.

Working with 20th Century Fox and Joss Whedon, Dollplay is a participatory experience set in the world of the Buffy and Firefly creator’s Dollhouse. By watching webisodes and and participating with uploaded content of their own, the audience works with a young girl called Hazel to uncover a mystery set in the Dollhouse universe.



Pinwall – 3d Projection and Augmented Reality Game


Pinwall is a fantastic installation which takes a different twist on 3d Projection Mapping, but making it interactive to the point of becoming a game in itself. This projection is a full working pinball game superimposed on a building which passers by can play and interact with, rather than being simply passive, making it both projection mapping and augmented reality.
This great video also gives a lightweight insight into the making of the project.

Budget Hero


I for one am pretty sure I could single handedly run the American financial system – on my own and at lunchtimes – better than congress. Having always known this and yet unable to convince the Whitehouse to let me try, I was overjoyed when I found this fantastic interactive piece of journalism which uses game dynamics to explain how the budgeting of the American government works.

A great educating experience which deals with a huge amount of complex information and converts it into an easy to understand series of actions, which are actually fantastic fun to play with and explain some very sophisticated themes.

Solve the US financial crisis while pretending to play minesweeper.

Lance Weiler


Keep up to date with Lance’s latest at

What a jolly nice man.

Dan Hon – Dare to Play


Dan Hon of SixToStart gives a fantastic personal insight into 10 years in transmedia and ARG at TEDxTransmedia. A nice primer back to The Beast for those new to the field, with a nice section on play vs games which really deserves more.

MacDonald’s Video Game


Hmmm…. What to do first? Turn children into obese fanatical walking heart attacks or flatten the Amazonian rain forest and ram it with diseased wildstock? These and more fun questions facing players in the fast-food video game by Molleindustra.

Carcenogenic disk with coronary thrombosis to follow. Have a nice day now!

Cutthroat Capitalism : The Game


When deciding a career path, many young financial enthusiasts upon leaving Oxbridge are faced with two choices. Do they follow the family line into the city, or take the more respected career choice of Somali Pirate.

Wired magazine have taken pity on these poor confused youths, and in an attempt to stop them making a devastating mistake which could ruin their lives, have created ‘Cutthroat Capitalism : The Game’ to try an expose them to the more ethical choice.

This fantastic interactive experience uses game themes to explain how and why the pirating trade works, and does it brilliantly, while educating about a serious issue. An excellent example of interactive journalism.

I do not acknowledge any pirate who presents themselves without an eyepatch/parrot combo.

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