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The Disposable Memory Project


A really wonderful concept. Disposable cameras left around the world, picked up and used by people, and passed on as they take an amazing journey across the globe to before returning home to be archived as part of the project.

Why not join in and create and release your own camera into the wild. Set beauty free and share your memories with the world.

The Disposable Memory Project

BitTorrent saves movies shocker!


BitTorrent – it is safe to say – is not particularly liked by the film industry.

In fact if filesharing was a pupil at a school, Jocks like James Cameron and George Lucas, would make it their sole purpose in life to torture the supposedly spotty ginger nerd at every given opportunity, stealing its trousers and writing vile sexual allegations about it on the toilet walls.

We do have a lot to thank file-sharing for. If it wasn’t for the rife theft of intellectual property in the world of film, angry bearded moviemakers like the afore mentioned Mr Cameron, would never have pushed 3D technology so hard into the mainstream in an attempt to make an experience which could not easily be stolen and replicated at home.

Then again – without 3d – maybe Tron 2.0 would have actually had a decent story and wouldn’t have defiled the corpse of the original in what turned out to be a cluster-hug of flashing lights, Jeff Bridges playing the Digital Dude and Michael Sheen being just plain annoying.

I hate you BitTorrent.

Anyway – This Australian movie about a film crew hunting for a story in a series of tunnels running under a city, who instead become hunted themselves has partnered with BitTorrent for the US release. Despite the rather hackneyed plot, this is an innovative approach to film distribution which sees an attempt to turn what many see as the biggest threat to the industry into a tool.

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