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The Waiting Room – One Hospital. Hundreds of Stories.


The waiting room is a film and social media project about healthcare. Focusing on a ‘safety net’ hospital in California, The waiting room is also a repository of conversation topics and emotions felt in the online waiting room.


One Hospital. Hundreds of stories.

MyWorld – Online Literacy Learning Game


This is a nice learning tool which uses game dynamics and themes to teach online literacy. It’s a nice concept which sees the user progressing through the training lessons like levels of a game, to encourage participation and completion.


Connected Robot speaks in Parliament


Giant killer robots, pens and politics – What’s not to like?

In an innovative attempt to address political disengagement among the youth, this project sees a writing robot connected to a web portal which will scribe the exact issues concerning the target audience, word by word inside the Houses of Parliament, to ensure every voice is heard.


Youth says: Give us more oil. And chainsaw attachments...

Immigration Nation


An interactive look into the origins and personal stories of Australia. Telling stories from all nations who ended up in the country as well as the indigenous peoples. There are linear tales as well as a great interactive documentary.

FlashMob Gone Wrong… Tom Scott


Technologist and humorist Tom ScottĀ gives an insight into the power of words and actions and what can happen when you add unregulated social connections at Ignite. Ignite is an event of 1 speaker with any topic, 5 minutes, 20 slides and the slides rotating every 15 seconds automatically around the world.

The mantra is ‘enlighten us – but make it quick’

Make: Magazine


Makers will rule the world. Grass roots level creation is an answer to many specific and hyper local problems, with Makers pooling experience and ability to create solutions to issues we never even knew we had.

Make: magazine is a meeting place for like minded creators of cool stuff and every issue is stuffed beyond its pages with astounding projects from 5 minutes to 5 months covering everything from Arduino to 3d printing to projects for and with kids. So far this year I have made a rocket, a smoke machine and a digital lathe, and there is enough in every issue to take a teenager to retirement.

In it’s physical form, Make: is a US based compact magazine – but subscription also gets you access to the digital version too. Subscriptions can be delivered worldwide, and are worth every penny.

What Jason Borne, MacGuiver and Batman have on the coffee table


Budget Hero


I for one am pretty sure I could single handedly run the American financial system – on my own and at lunchtimes – better than congress. Having always known this and yet unable to convince the Whitehouse to let me try, I was overjoyed when I found this fantastic interactive piece of journalism which uses game dynamics to explain how the budgeting of the American government works.

A great educating experience which deals with a huge amount of complex information and converts it into an easy to understand series of actions, which are actually fantastic fun to play with and explain some very sophisticated themes.

Solve the US financial crisis while pretending to play minesweeper.

The Past, Present and Future of Augmented Reality


Those wonderful people at The Next Web have fired up the Delorian to travel through time and give you a guide to Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality – for those who don’t know – is some fantastic technology in search of a decent purpose, but don’t listen to me – listen to the wise words of The Next Web. Thanks to Christian Fonnesbech for the HU.

Technology of the futuuuuuuuuuuurrrrreeeeee!

HonkyTonk Films – The Big Issue


In this online documentary and global investigation into the obesity epidemic, the leaders of participatory and social media driven film – HonkyTonk – invite the audience to become journalist, and make their own opinions of the issue, as well as deciding the actions that should be taken to combat the problem.

The Big Issue - Global epidemic

Cutthroat Capitalism : The Game


When deciding a career path, many young financial enthusiasts upon leaving Oxbridge are faced with two choices. Do they follow the family line into the city, or take the more respected career choice of Somali Pirate.

Wired magazine have taken pity on these poor confused youths, and in an attempt to stop them making a devastating mistake which could ruin their lives, have created ‘Cutthroat Capitalism : The Game’ to try an expose them to the more ethical choice.

This fantastic interactive experience uses game themes to explain how and why the pirating trade works, and does it brilliantly, while educating about a serious issue. An excellent example of interactive journalism.

I do not acknowledge any pirate who presents themselves without an eyepatch/parrot combo.

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