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35 Years of Apple Products in Inforgraphics


Apple are renowned for prettiness, and this visual history in inforgraphics from Mashable is a fitting tribute. 35 years of product development in a single graphic. An excellent example of the art of inforgraphics.

Reproduced here on the wonderful website filled with other excellent examples.

An Apple Tree!

We Feel Fine


A fantastic data visualisation which mines social media for emotional status among other things and make beautiful of the outcomes

Everything, EVERYTHING is just smashing. Trust me.

Budget Hero


I for one am pretty sure I could single handedly run the American financial system – on my own and at lunchtimes – better than congress. Having always known this and yet unable to convince the Whitehouse to let me try, I was overjoyed when I found this fantastic interactive piece of journalism which uses game dynamics to explain how the budgeting of the American government works.

A great educating experience which deals with a huge amount of complex information and converts it into an easy to understand series of actions, which are actually fantastic fun to play with and explain some very sophisticated themes.

Solve the US financial crisis while pretending to play minesweeper.

TwitTV – Trendy Television


TwitTV is a web TV channel programmed by whatever is trending on Twitter. Just like it says on the tin.
What a splendid idea.

What kind of madness is this?

Information is Beautiful


Everything about Information is Beautiful is smashing. The sheer amount of statistics out there mean that it becomes almost impossible to process individual issues or get any sense of the scope or scale. Information is Beautiful takes all this data and turns it in to easily digestible visualisations getting across the core of the subject in a manner more suited to human visual based processing.

The images themselves are quite beautiful and learning is almost secondary. Everything is beautiful at Information is Beautiful, and they have some limited edition prints and wonderful books available on the site.

World wide favourite colour of Skittle. Possibly. Though probably not.

Better Life Index – Go Team Country!


We all have different thoughts on what defines a ‘better life’. Whatever comparisons you choose – levels of income, housing, education and much more can be used here to compare your country with others around the world.

Try yourself, but the Netherlands kicks metric ass! on all the well-being stakes.

Nothng makes people happier than seeing how better things are everywhere else.


Gapminder – see how screwed you are!


If you were in doubt of just how poor and near to death you are compared with the rest of the world, Gapminder is there for you!

Dataviz is just brilliant anyway, and with Gapminder you can not only look at some beautiful animated metrics, but can become depressed and decide to emigrate at the same time. By playing the animations, you can see how the countries of the world have progressed since 1800 too which is nice!

Though information in itself is not understanding, this is a giant leap forward and is well worth a visit. The flash application allows the visualisation of historical data in a

Sadly there in no option to view Google’s rapid consumption of everything. Sorry – that last sentence is now the property of Google.


Increased global life expectancy. Sadly, all the extra years are at the end when you are sat in your own wee