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Lance Weiler – Collapsus


Collapsus is a brand-new transmedia project from SubmarineChannel that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary. Collapsus looks into the near future and shows you how the imminent energy crisis affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy. Collapsus is the transmedia project associated with the documentary, Energy Risk. 
Collapsus is directed by Tommy Pallotta, producer of Scanner Darkly and Waking Life, and director of American Prince.

Collapsus Trailer from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.

Hurricane Katrina – Tempest in Crescent City


This Microsoft sponsored interactive adventure developed by GamePill is another excellent flash game developed with a powerful social intent for good. Travel across New Orleans in search of your mother, helping people, rescuing trapped and injured survivors and gathering information from local citizens on the way.

Teaching without preaching. Its the future I tells yer.


Katrina - Tempest in Crescent City

The Future of Documentary – Our Choice App


Instead of taking his frustrations at failing in the American Presidential elections out with a high powered rifle and a clock tower, Al Gore decided instead to bully climate change within an inch of its life. Every time the smiling planet protector comes near, climate change actually cowers under a table and goes to its ‘happy place’ until its all over.

Regardless, Al Gore has done more than most to put a serious political face on the subject and has brought the matter to the table through high quality media content. He continues his domination of eco-tech with the Our Choice app which could very easily be the future of documentary and change the way we consume media.

Al Gore – Our Choice

Al Gore’s Our Choice Guided Tour from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.