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The Waiting Room – One Hospital. Hundreds of Stories.


The waiting room is a film and social media project about healthcare. Focusing on a ‘safety net’ hospital in California, The waiting room is also a repository of conversation topics and emotions felt in the online waiting room.


One Hospital. Hundreds of stories.

Immigration Nation


An interactive look into the origins and personal stories of Australia. Telling stories from all nations who ended up in the country as well as the indigenous peoples. There are linear tales as well as a great interactive documentary.

Greater Manchester Police – 24 Hour Tweets


On 14th October 2010, The Greater Manchester Police engaged in a social experiment where every call was tweeted over a day – this experiment was called 24 Hour Tweets. It is hugely encouraging to see this kind of interaction from more progressive public servants.


[murmur] History from the Ground Up


[murmur] is a documentary oral history project that records stories and memories told about specific geographic locations.

We collect and make accessible people’s personal histories and anecdotes about the places in their neighborhoods that are important to them. In each of these locations we install a [murmur] sign with a telephone number on it that anyone can call with a mobile phone to listen to that story while standing in that exact spot, and engaging in the physical experience of being right where the story takes place. Some stories suggest that the listener walk around, following a certain path through a place, while others allow a person to wander with both their feet and their gaze.

It’s history from the ground up, told by the voices that are often overlooked when the stories of cities are told.


murmur - history from the ground up

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York


I have been fortunate enough to work with the wonderfully creative and innovative people of Crossover Labs on a number of occasions over my career – the latest of which took me to Australia and a wonderful group of Ozzie documentary makers.

As part of this, the fantastic group I finally ended up with and I started thinking of what happens to the transient world around us through time. Street Art, Architecture, urban landscape, all these things are fixed at set points in our lives and change physically as we do, sometimes quickly and sometimes over the course of many decades or centuries. But change they do and Jeremiah has tasked himself with capturing the evolution of his hometown, creating a 4-dimensional record of New York City – the capitol of the world. Because someone has to.

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York