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Alternate Reality Games – The Future according to GameSpot


Games site GameSpot gives a guide to ARG’s from Advertising to artforms.

participatory advertising and ARG.

The Company P – Dollplay


The Company P are the kings of transmedia experience, and have managed to formulate a reproducible pipeline for the process.

Working with 20th Century Fox and Joss Whedon, Dollplay is a participatory experience set in the world of the Buffy and Firefly creator’s Dollhouse. By watching webisodes and and participating with uploaded content of their own, the audience works with a young girl called Hazel to uncover a mystery set in the Dollhouse universe.



The Company P on Participation


Taken from Power to the Pixel 2009, this is an interesting insight on participation from Martin Elricsson form The Company P.

The Conspiracy for Good


Fantastic transmedia story which starts with a young female DJ making a piece about AIDS in Africa when she discovers an oil company is going to run a pipeline straight through the village she is working in. From there it becomes a multi narrative, multi platform experience that spans the globe and encourages participants to create their own content.

A wonderful piece by The Company P and Tim Kring of ‘Heroes’ fame

Jolly good


Lance Weiler


Keep up to date with Lance’s latest at

What a jolly nice man.

Dan Hon – Dare to Play


Dan Hon of SixToStart gives a fantastic personal insight into 10 years in transmedia and ARG at TEDxTransmedia. A nice primer back to The Beast for those new to the field, with a nice section on play vs games which really deserves more.

Why So Serious? – ARG


Ah Why So Serious – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….
Not the first one out there, but still the one which is pulled out when you require an example of how ARG works. The perfect storm of subject, fan base, timing and product which captured the Zeitgeist and created the cast iron proof that participatory culture is real, alive and living to those cold hearted souls on Madison Ave.
I never played it, I only found out about it a year after it had finished, but it was the first time since I was twelve that I felt that I had read about something completely new that would change everything forever. On top of this, whenever I have to explain ARG’s its my first point of call as 42 Entertainment’s opus has everything.
In 2009 I was working in advertising, and a tiny New York Times article blew my mind for the possibilities and opportunities out there for any content provider brave enough to share their IP with their audience. This started my journey from cynical, bored rich person, to excited poor believer in a better way.

It was my red pill and every day I drop to my knees and thank the stars I took it.

Because I'm stealing a school bus after a ringing cake told me to.


Here is a video overview



Sherlock Holmes – 221b Online Game


Warner Bros. are pretty much ahead of the crowd in participatory advertising and Sherlock Holmes was a great example of this. Here is the trailer for the online game of the 2009 movie. Given the subject matter, it’s not a huge leap of logic to see that this fits perfectly, but it is still a bold move even now. There are more sophisticated examples out there, but this is slick.

The Game is Afoot!!!!!

Lance Weiler on Transmedia – Keynote at Darklight 2010


Lance Weiler knows quite a bit about Transmedia. And he knows even more about making money out of it. In fact, some would say he’s ‘quite good’ and ‘knows his onions’, which may have lead to his keynote speech at Darklight 2010.

Here he is twisting melons as only he can….
Its an hour and 9 minutes long. You might want to make a cuppa first.


Lance Weiler speaks to FilmMaker


Levitating Space Ox of Transmedia, Lance Weiler speaks to FilmMaker magazine and attempts the equivalent of teaching town planning to the Teletubbies in 3 minutes and 9 seconds.

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