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Pinwall – 3d Projection and Augmented Reality Game


Pinwall is a fantastic installation which takes a different twist on 3d Projection Mapping, but making it interactive to the point of becoming a game in itself. This projection is a full working pinball game superimposed on a building which passers by can play and interact with, rather than being simply passive, making it both projection mapping and augmented reality.
This great video also gives a lightweight insight into the making of the project.

3d Projection Festival Launch


Projected onto the Powerhouse Brisbane – this is a fantastic example of 3d Projection Mapping.

TDC provided 6 Barco FLM 20K Projectors, Controlled by Encore with the content driven via Watchout Servers.
The Wall was 25m metres High and 58 Metres Wide
Content by Brisbane Graphics Company – Liquid Interactive

Guggenheim Projection NYC


This is an internal and external 3d projection at New Yorks finest.

Lumiere Festival Lyon


The festival of light in Lyon is one of the finest festivals of its type in one of the finest European cities. The perfect home for innovative light installation and of course 3d Projection Mapping

Adidas is all in 3D Projection Map


It may be a cold hearted and cynical marketing ploy – but if you have more money than God then isn’t it good you spend it on really cool extravagant and unnecessary exhibitions of wealth? I know I would – straight after my second solid gold rocket car, and come on – these guys created the greatest footwear ever made – The original Superstar shell toe Sneak. Cooler than a cravat wearing fox with a monocle, safari suit and jousting pony.

Amon Tobin – ISAM Live


Experimental audio artist and all round smashing DJ bloke Amon Tobin has taken his audio visual extravaganza on tour.
Excellent projection mapped installation designed in conjunction with Blasthaus, VSquared Labs, Vita Motus Design, Leviathan and others.

Let us make Cake


Everybody loves it when artists stick it to the man, and the New Museum New York shows Madison Avenue that large scale high resolution image projection is not just for heartless advertising. In an erm… promotional piece for the New Museum. Anyway – it looks nice.

On Saturday, May 7th, Flash:Light transformed Mulberry Street, Patrick’s Cathedral and the façade of the New Museum into a spectacular night-time environment of temporary, site-specific public art. An artist-driven antidote to light-based advertising and the capitalization of public space, the event represents a new platform for artists working in light, sound, performance and projection art to present ground-breaking work that re-imagines an iconic New York City neighbourhood. Over 5000 people came out for the event.


New Museum Projection Mapping – “Let Us Make Cake” from The Media Merchants on Vimeo.

Hilden & Diaz – City on Fire


The Danish Argentinian art duo have produced a number of large scale video installations across the planet. Their ongoing video project City on Fire – is a series of site specific works which began in 2005 in Rome. See their exceptional works and hear their story at

City on Fire

City on Fire - Rome

Projection Mapping Collection


I’m still amazed whenever I see good examples of projection mapping. Unfortunately in most cases – the only people who can afford it are corporate gargoyles who sleep on beds of human flesh and Drachma. So its nice to see some more original interpretations.

thanks to integrated visions blog

Samsung smash Amsterdam to pieces


I love Samsung – they have been fantastic people to work for, great fun on a night out, and my only exposure to the Korean people – so I can only assume everyone there is a giant, happy, thirsty bear who can make the most threatening request sound like it was actually your idea. They also make the very best electronic screens in the world, so it is not great leap for them to apply their skills to the world of 3D Projection Mapping.

This one set in Amsterdam as far back as 2010 is still one of the best, and for a change – its not from 2 miles away.


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