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PETA goes games and gives Mario a kicking


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have jumped on the games band wagon to pick on children over a video game that sees Mario (a collection of pixels) wear a virtual romper suit named after a non-existent animal.

PETA - change your PR team NOW!

Come on PETA – I appreciate what you stand for but what is the point in this? Are you trying to get kids on side? I don’t think this is the way to do it. The games are pretty good, why not be more positive instead of investing in games and decrying them in the same breath? Absolutely bizarre marketing ploy, like making TV ads highlighting the evils of watching too much television.

Why not just go and steal some children’s candy and then lecture them on the importance of brushing. You sicko’s.

Pick on someone in your own tax bracket, and stop the Holier than thou attitude. ITS A GAME FOR KIDS, not a countryside hunt.

I admit I like anyone drawing attention to indie games dev’s, but wagging a finger at Super Meat Boy, with this lame tofu rip-off, just stinks of cheap column inches. It’s cynical and only serves to highlight how much power meat has and how weak and feeble veganism is. I’m turning my back on years of vegetarianism and i’m off to lick a cow. You did that PETA. You did that….you sicken me.

Evil Super Tofu Boy


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